How to think about sensual experiences?

How do think about savouring your life up to the fullest with all your senses?

Do you think that this isn’t spiritual, that this is bad manners & not to be done?

But then if you consider that your soul is only able to get these following experiences through your senses:

  • feeling the wind on your skin,
  • listening to the birds songs,
  • tasking your coffee,
  • touching another body,
  • feeling the sexual ecstasy,
  • tasting chocolate melting in your mouth
  • sensing its consistency change,
  • listening deeply to the sounds all around you,
  • seeing the beauty, the different grades of colours in a spring time nature,
  • seeing the mysteries in someone else’s eyes,…

All these are things/possibilities, that your soul has got due to your physical body.

And if you think about that your soul might be so much older than this tiny little life of yours right now. Then your soul has passed a lot of life times already but if you counted it in our dimensions of time it might have spent less than 50% or even less than 25% in a body and the rest was mainly spiritual.

So as a mainly spiritual being it wasn’t able to have all these senses, to have all these sensual experiences.

Now finally your soul has got a body, finally your soul is able to feel all this and your mind starts to think

„if I want to be a really good spiritual being I have to cut myself off all of these mundane senses & joys & ecstasy because I want to be spiritual.“

Isn’t this crazy/absurd? Why don’t you use this life time – each second – to really enjoy being in your body, enjoy the possibilities of feelings, enjoy the possibility of sensing, of seeing, of listening, of tasting, of touching up to the maximum you can?

So that at the end of your life you can say: “I am really charged with the sensuality & now I can go back to pure spirituality without regret”

And even though I say this. Living the sensuality opens up so many chapters of spirituality that you may not consider right now. Why should we seperate one from the other?

I propose sensuality as a spiritual practice!

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