Soul Trees – Steady in the Winds of Change

Dance in Nature documentary

A touching dance documentary film that lets time pass more slowly & approaches the core again & again from different perspectives:
 being, breathing, moment, presence.

„How long do two years seem for humans?
How long do two years seem for a tree?
Being in nature, being with trees was a huge support form me in theese times of change of the pandemic. When the world kind of turned aroung. In theese times of change that ran over the world like a storm – how could we be rooted in ourselves?“

Documentary on the nature exploration & dance works of Karen Rémy – Arts in Movement.

Concept, Dance & Voice: Karen Rémy
Music: Ruben Wielsch
Camera: Arts in Movement, Johan Planefeldt, Anne Sturm, Theater Anu, Geraldín Acevedo Espana, Grace Oxenham, Canva Stockimages
Stills/Photography: Theater Anu, Rémy Family, Alicja Horbowy, antagon theaterAKTion, Manuel Wälder
Editing & Animations: Karen Rémy – Arts in Movement
Co-founded by Hessische Kultur Stiftung – Brückenstipendium
A film by AIM – Arts in Movement 2022

Expression of the Self

Cross Boarders Arts Improvisation 


We all need the freedom to express.
 A stable ground under our feet… 
A free vision to see…
A fearless body to move & dance… 
A free voice to speak & sing…

To express your SELF – apart from all conditioning, all perfection, all measures from the outside!

Its only oneself who can decide to take of these layers, to see the beauty, to show up & to be seen.

Improvised Music by Attilia Kiyoko Cernitori, 
Improvised Dance by Karen Rémy – Arts in Movement
, Improvised Cut by Arts in Movement

Its not about perfection – its about the liberty of expression! AIM 2020

El Canto del Dragon 

Dance in Nature inspired by Zen Buddhism Koan

Dancers: Myriam Mas & Karen Rémy
, Vocals: Karen Rémy

Camera: Geraldín Acevedo Espana, Myriam Mas, Karen Rémy

AIM 2020
@Art Continuum Nomadic Residency

with the support of Danny Dziuk Sound Recordings
 & Hessische Kulturstiftung – Arbeitsstipendium


Tribute to my female ancestors

Dance with the sea & grandmother (french wordplay) *For English Version of spoken poetry see vimeo page!*

Performance & Voice – Karen Rémy, Hands – Lou Wielsch & Helgard Rémy, AIM 2020 


A short film exploring surrender to connection and community.

A memory of the sea. A meditation for these times of distance. May we be reunited again soon…

Filmed and edited by Grace Oxenham. Featuring dancers from Art Continuum Nomadic Residency, Koh Phangan 2020.

Music – ‘A Farewell Sonata’ by Slow Meadow.


Impressions of Terres Emues Retreats 2013 – 2015
Info & Inscription:
c Karen Rémy – Arts In Movement

Music: „Der Schalk im Nacken“ – Album PaNTAM by Florian Betz

AIM 2016



Multi Media Dance Performance – staging dance in Nature

A women seaks shelter under a huge old tree during a thunder storm. watching the drops run down the brenches she is pulled into a tree life experience fusing with eternity.

Concept, Costume, Projection & Performanc – Karen Rémy, Live Music – Ruben Wielsch, Scenery – Simone Wedel, AIM 2015 


Dance in Nature Performance @Terres Émues

Female bodies encounter trees, plants & streams like the falling yellow autumn leaves – where do the tree nymphs  go in autumn…?

Costume,  & Performance – Karen Rémy & L. Fisch

Music – Ruben Wielsch, AIM 2014 


A little impression of 3 hours with the herd. Dance as a gentle encounter of trust & respect between the beings of this earth. This approach is part of the Terres Émues Laboratory in the Pyrenees.

many thanks to: Govan Quinquis, all members & friends of this magical place!
in memory of the work of Ivan Quinquis & Nien-Mari Chatz.

Dancer – Karen Rémy
Horses – Sultan, Usbec, Heureux, Silaine, Swan & Kaleb        Music – Ruben Wielsch, AIM 2014 


Dance in Nature Performance @Terres Émues

* feminity – fertility – pregnancy – birth *

Costume  & Performance – Karen Rémy

Music – Ruben Wielsch, AIM 2013 


Need2Dance Competition July-August 2013
Award Winner of 3rd price!!!

Music by Markus Kuczewski








Site Specific Dance Performance in a Mills Ruin

A creature ass made to serve without own will but anyway discovers its own personality & dreams. Finally escapes into another level.

Concept, Costume, Performance – Karen Rémy  @ Klußer Kulturmühle, Wismar – AIM 2012


Site Specific Performance Installation – dance, theatre, vertical rope & sound-installations – about Solitude  Three women, three worlds, three ways.

Solitude has got divers aspects – positiv, negativ, physical and mental. They can combine into antithetic forms of solitude. A glance behind doors that we normally do not open, that we are not allowed to open. A glance behind doors that veil solitude and loneliness. A gentle collision of worlds.

Concept, Costume, Dance, Director – Karen Rémy, Theatre – Johanna Malchow, Vertical Rope Artistry – Josefine Rheinfurt, Composition – Stefan Weihrauch, Assistent – Jacek Klinke – @ Spoffin Festival, Amersfort & Klußer Kulturmühle, Wismar – AIM (aradona) 2011

AIM – unfolding your own creative nature…