Multi Media Dance Performance –

staging dance in Nature

A women seeks shelter under a huge old tree during a thunder storm. watching the drops run down the branches she is pulled into a tree life experience fusing with eternity.

Concept, Costume, Projection & Performance – Karen Rémy

Live Music – Ruben Wielsch

Scenery – Simone Wedel

AIM 2015


Golem Erwachen

Site Specific Dance Performance in a Mills Ruin

A creature was made to serve without own will but anyway discovers its own personality & dreams. Finally escapes into another level.

Concept, Costume, Performance – Karen Rémy

@ Klußer Kulturmühle, Wismar

AIM 2012


Behind the doors

Site Specific Performance installation

dance, theatre, vertical rope & sound-installations About solitude

Three women, three worlds, three ways.
Solitude has got divers aspects – positiv, negativ, physical and mental. They can combine into antithetic forms of solitude.

A glance behind doors that we normally do not open, that we are not allowed to open. A glance behind doors that veil solitude and loneliness. A gentle collision of worlds.

Concept, Costume, Dance, Director – Karen Rémy

Theatre – Johanna Malchow, Vertical Rope Artistry – Josefine Rheinfurt, Composition – Stefan Weihrauch, Assistent – Jacek Klinke

@ Spoffin Festival, Amersfort & Klußer Kulturmühle, Wismar

AIM (aradona) 2011


Performance Co-Laboration Diversity 2003-2019

Theater Anu – @Urban Nation Art Exhebition – 2019 Berlin

MALUKI/antagon – Conte de Chasse – 2006 Douala

Bunte Hunde – @Valborg Opening – 2016 Rüdersdorf

Theater Anu – Labyrith Installation zur Platzeröffnung – 2013 Bochum

Tea Time Love Story – CI Duo @Sommerwerft Theaterfestival – 2008 Frankfurt/Main

Cacahuette – Mamas Funeral @HighFest  – 2005 Armenia

Alice aux Pays des Merveilles – V.O. Nazir Art Project – Paris 2008

EXTIMO – Masterpiece @Bagl Arts Fair  – 2015 Berlin

antagon – @Carnaval Finale Parade – 2007 Las Palmas de GC

AIM/Anu – Moraland Performativ Reading @Winterwerft – 2018 Frankfurt

AIM – unfolding your own creative nature…