Sculpture, Painting, Mixed Media Installation

“It is one of the most fascinating forms of dance, when you look for an object that stands out from the stillness in such a way that you can sense its movement.
The forms of a landscape are primeval sculptures, forced by fire & the movements of the earth’s surface, formed by glaciers, weather and time.
The shape of the landscape in which we live out has a significant influence on the rhythm and mood of our soul.
Around us, the so-called “matter” is filled to the brim with the mysteries of its inner dance of change.
(John O’Donohue – From the riches of life)

Bei Wind

drift wood & bark


root, iron & plum wood


My sculptures arise from the art of the open aware gaze.
My gaze picks up the small things of everyday life – the beauty & small wonders that others walk past without noticing them.

I don’t change much about the found objects, but usually leave them as they are: “ready-made”. My art consists of finding the works of art of nature and honoring them by staging them.

Meer Sein

root, iron & cherry wood


driftwood & bark


root & plum wood


plum wood, root & stone


bark, driftwood & branch sceleton


bark & branch

Über / Unter Legen

root & elder branches


bark & branch

My Toy!

thyme root, drift wood & stone


drift wood & iron 

5 Elements

drift wood, iron & elder branch

paysages au vent

drift wood, iron & birch bark

Painting & Mixed Media

My Artworks are abstract & raw, mostly catching an energy to be brought into space rather than an image.

Sky & Earth

oil on canvas

waves of time

birch bark on canvas


collage from newspaper