October 28 & 29 2023

Contact Improv Family Gathering

Hey fellow Contact Dancers  & Creative Souls 


I dreamed of a bunch of Contact Impro Dancers spending 2 days together in nature with a wide view & jamming in free flow!

I saw there was a fireplace in the evening with stories, singing & silence, two dance rooms for different energies, delicious vegetarian food, sauna….

I saw people dancing with trees or meditating in silence with them.

I saw sharing rounds, body work, laughter and also a few (joy-?)tears.

I saw adults & children. I saw all adults spending some time with the children, activating their own playfulness & so all parents were able to dance…

Then I took the first step to realize the dream.

I reserved the seminar house with one dance room & fire pit next to it,

as well as an extra dance room in the „Lebensgemeinschaft am Windberg“ on the countryside close to Erfurt in Germany

In an amazing vast nature with a wide free view & ancient trees.

I reserved it for the following days:

October 28 & 29, 2023.

Now it’s your turn!

Do you want to become

a part of my dream

& realize it with me?

Journey Outline

Dive into nature, dancing with the vastness, sun, wind, weather, trees & people of the Contact Impro community.

Jam, bodywork, spontaneous mini workshops, singing, music, campfire, starry sky, walks, & good vegetarian organic food.

There is no fixed program – just a framework in which the dance of life can unfold freely.

Everyone can offer something & what is to emerge will emerge.

All are welcome – basic knowledge in CI is desired.

We are guests in the „life experiencing Community Windberg“,

with different dance rooms, meadows, much nature & ancient trees.

It’s a smoke, alcohol, drug & meat free community on the country side close to Erfurt in Germany

see their Page & Location here: https://www.windlicht.amwindberg.de/ 

Are you with us? And would you like to help us to become many & spread the word?


  • Depending on the total number of participants, the basic fee will be divided. 
  • The whole event isn’t profit oriented & should be cost-covering.
  • With 14 people 55€
  • with 30 people 35€
  • (we start with 55€ & will do the accounting/payback on the weekend).

+ Food & Accommodation – Need to be booked via the Seminardesk Plattform of Windberg e.V.!

It is available in different price & comfort classes. Depending on your choice:

  • 2days full board organic vegetarian FOOD 70€
  • Single room 45€/night
  • Double room 35 €/night
  • 4-bed room 25€/night
  • 6-person room 23€/night
  • own tent / camper 15€/night
  • sleeping somewhere else – place flat rate 5€/day

You will be send to the accommodation booking page once you did enroll here!

Are you with us? And would you like to help us to become many & spread the word?

From the heart, Karen

Initiator _ Karen Rémy

Creative Spiritual Embodiment Muse

Karen has been creating in physical theater, site-specific performance, contact improvisation & sculpture since 2004.

Since 2012 she has been exploring holistic healing of body, mind and soul, as well as meditation, consciousness, sensuality, ritual, Eastern and Western metaphysics.

She is muse, mentor, mystic, child of nature, mother, light warrior, dancer, actress, healer certified in Holistic Healing, Regression Guidance, Shiatsu, Embodicode® Mentoring & Meditation Leadership & ever lasting passionate student of the mysteries of life…

All together merged in SOUL AIM – Arts in Movement – that combines creative self-expression with deep mystical wisdom.

Karen Rémy offers her fellow Creative & Mystic Souls a space to get in touch with other levels of consciousness, to draw knowledge about their own Souls uniqueness & to express it in a creative presence.