September 3 – October 8 2024

Every Tuesday + 2 Sunday Bonus Calls

On Zoom

Hello fellow Creative Souls, Healers & Mystics.

If you are like me, you’re deeply in Love with & feel at Home in Nature.

However, you may feel like a stranger to the Human World & a play thing of outer circumstances. Experiencing difficulties to:

  • Maintain your inner alignment,
  • Set boundaries & to let go,
  • Stay connected with yourself  around others,
  • Trust your Intuitive Being & Knowing.

I have been there & with the Cycle of Change Wisdom I found my grounded stability within, rooting in myself!

Humanity has since a long time left the path of interconnected oneness, losing the grip to our naturally embodied cyclic being.



For ages the Wise have observed nature & translated all the rhythms & co-relations into this

ancient Taoist 5 Element Philosophy. These primordial elemental energies are natural energetic archetypes within us.

But most of us forgot about it – now is the time to remember & reconnect to the natural flow of existence!

Perceiving yourself as a part of the great Cycle of Changes & connecting with each primordial Elemental Energy, you stop being afraid of any change & are prepared to alchemise your inner energetic shifts. Therefore you can live in awe & curious surprise about what will come next & what amazing learnings you will be offered each day.

The Cycle of Change will change your connection to Life!

Nature embodies Change in perfection

it would perish in Stagnation

Journey Outline

When everything is constantly changing – the best way to find stability lies within yourself.

* 1 week dedicated to the Tao *

*5 weeks – each one dedicated to an Element*


Each Element holds vast wisdom for your life’s cycle, body, emotions, mind & spiritual belonging.

Why connect with the Cycle of Changes?

Receive a deeper Understanding of the Cycles

  • Life & the different Phases of Development.
  • Natural Seasonal Changes & how they affect your body as being a part of nature.
  • Daily elemental tides – the energetic ups & downs.
  • Micro Cycles that influence your body & being.
  • Develop a deep sense of belonging in this world.
  • Use any life challenge to root more deeply with your Inner Cycle
  • Surf the waves of Increase & Decrease in Creative Flow
  • Timely practical day-to-day tips, processes & rituals


 Learn how to:

  • Avoid stagnation in your life.

  • Let go of a loved person, belief or object.

  • Find your way back into balance with ease whenever you fall out.

  • Own your boundaries & feel safe to open up with another.

  • Be willing to accept the opportunities that life offers.
  • Protect your heart during great states of excitement.

  • Enhance your skill to express yourself & be understood.

  • Connect to your senses to discern if something is good for you or not.

  • Be in your centre & stay there regardless of what is happening around you.


My own journey 

The Cycle of Change has changed my life.

I learned about it by Chance!

When embarking on my 3 year Shiatsu Studies back in 2012, I thought I would simply learn skills & techniques to enhance my naturally gifted healing hands & a „label“ what I did.

I was surprised to discover a whole complex Nature Philosophy & an Art of Encounter

These two have been the greatest take aways, as they didn’t only impact my capacity to massage but positively influenced my whole way of being in the world ever since! They helped me to understand why I felt so lost in the western „always on“ society & to find a deep sense of belonging in the tides of change.

Learning about the Meridian system linked to the 5 Elements – I received an embodied compass to navigate my life. My body started translating to me the words of my subconscious.

Mastering the Art of Encounter – I learned to trust my intuitive touch, emptying me from all I know, to be in the present moment with my fellow embodied soul. Listening into the touch. Receiving the subtlest energy shifts. Translating it into a holistic understanding of the human in front of me – like blind people read entire books with their hands.

Using the richness of open questions – not projecting onto the other – not labelling him with my perception – but opening a field to MIRROR so the other one could contemplate & perceive his OWN INSIGHTS.

To reach that level – I had to contemplate the deep relating questions myself & open my awareness to listen to my ow body first. Being in my centre & stay there whilst being in the encounter of the other.

Surrender to the everlasting Change

to grow stability from Deep within

It is time to remember!

That is why I created this intense 6-week TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY

& the five in person deep dive Mystical Nature Retreats – a year long cycle starting in November 2023.

Igniting your reconnection to the 5 Elements & understanding the Principle of Change & the TAO.

I will personally guide you, step by step, to connect with the Ancient Wisdom – a vast library of spiritual knowledge tracing back thousands of years – yet timelessly being present in our bodies. So the key lies embodied within you & the nature around!

Through this process, you will experience INITIATION – a quantum leap in consciousness – feeling AT HOME in this world & its Cycles.

Why is this transformational journey special?

There are many gifted teachers that can guide you into the universe of the 5 Element Philosophy & in the diverse Arts of Encounter. What makes my Transformational Cycle of Change Journey different to others teachers offers?

Contemplating the wisdom where it immersed from – in nature.

In these 6 weeks I will inspire & challenge you again & again to deepen & widen your contemplation in nature to find more insights.

Opening the space for a field of Co-Creation & inspiring exchange.

We will have Shared Atelier Time to go into creation mode with the art form you are most at ease with (writing, drawing, painting, dancing, singing). Using creative expression to fully digest & transform the given information into your own embodied wisdom.

Experiencing the transformational power of Ritual & Dance.

I will host one guided movement meditation ritual to let the transmission dance & flow through your body.

We will Move with all that is! 


Client Testimonials

I have a profound appreciation for Karen’s emphatic and natural way of leading workshops and meditations in full respect of the individuality of the other.

Claudia Heland

I have been learning from Karen Rémy, she has been divinely sharing the qualities of the 5 Elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth, with carefully selected and beautiful images, her exquisite timing and insightful knowledge, and descriptions of bodies meridians had me mesmerised. And to top it all, for each element she asks deep and soul-searching questions that bolster your understanding of yourself and the elements. I highly recommend that you dive into her extensive knowledge.

Kevin Humphrey

Attending Karen`s on line workshop was deeply inspiring. Although we were not together in person, the impact was great. Karen`s experience is evident. Shared through her honesty, openess and creativity. I would recommend signing up for her offers. Even the next day I woke up relaxed and motivated. Thank you Karen

Cindy Zeller

The collaboration with Karen was profound, inspiring & very valuable for me. Not only did I learn a lot & understand the 5 Elements in depth thanks to her knowledge, but I experienced it in a way that I could intuitively implement what I learned in my own project. Karen’s intuitive input, wisdom & support were unique & I thank her from the bottom of my heart!

Klara Foldys


  • Understanding change as the essence of existence
  • Cycle of creation,
  • Cycle of destruction,
  • Cycle of rebellion,
  • Cycle of regulation.

* Week Two  -  METAL *

  • Letting go off the not needed - get into the Essence
  • The process of Grief 
  • The beauty of Purity & Preciseness

* Week Three  -  WATER *

  • The magic of pausing - all the beginnings & all the ends lie within
  • The vital gap between Decrease & Increase.
  • The pauses that create the music.
  • The little death of nature in Winter time.

* Week Four  -  WOOD *

  • The power of Creation & healthy Destruction for natural Growth
  • The unstoppable expansion of the young life force in Spring time. 

* Week Five  -  FIRE *

  • Celebration of Life - The juicy Pleasure of Self-Expression
  • The ecstasy of savouring all the senses of life
  • Fire lights us up & keeps us going
  • The bitter sweetness of tasting the life with all that is.
  • The warmth & heat of Summer Time

* Week Six  -  EARTH *

  • Collecting the Fruits of a Cycle, taking in what nourishes you
  • Earth is the cycle of harvesting our life's fruits, using them to nurture us and others. Its all about caring for other & self-care.
  • The last nourishing explosion of nature in Indian Summer.

* Energetic Alignment
* Embodied Atunement to the Element.
* Wisdom Transmission.
* Movement Flow for Wisdom Integration
* 90minutes
* 30 minutes Q&A / Community Sharing of Insights

* weekly creative assignments

* There will be recordings & replays for lifetime - but by joining live you will have the opportunity to ask your questions.*

* The Bonus Calls won't be recorded & have to be attended to live to create a safe sacred space where everybody will join on camera.

each Tuesday September 3 - October 8

6-8pm CET

03.09. | 10.09. | 17.09. | 24.09. | 01.10. | 08.10.

+ Bonus: 

Sunday 01.09.  | Opening & Move with all that is - Ritual

Sunday 06.10.  | Co-creative Atelier Time

Online Zoom - at your home

+ 5 Meditation Bundle for deep embodiment

Early Bird 300€ (ends May 30)

Regular 333€



consciously connect

to the micro & Macro Cycles

in your Life

Please Prepare yourself for the Sessions:

  • We meet in a digital space (zoom), whilst you are in the comfort of your own home.
  • You'll need a minimum of 6m2 to move - if you have more that's great.
  • Please wear comfortable cloths.
  • Provide yourself with something to drink and
  • some paper and pens so that all creative possibilities are open to you.
  • Please do also ensure before hand your device has Zoom installed & you have the possibility to show up with camera & microphone for our sharing moments & set your lightnings in a way you will be visible.
  • Sessions are held in English

Karen Rémy

Creative Spiritual Embodiment Muse

Karen has been creating in physical theater, site-specific performance, contact improvisation & sculpture since 2004.

Since 2012 she has been exploring holistic healing of body, mind and soul, as well as meditation, consciousness, sensuality, ritual, Eastern and Western metaphysics.

She is muse, mentor, mystic, child of nature, mother, light warrior, dancer, actress, healer certified in Holistic Healing, Regression Guidance, Shiatsu, Embodicode® Mentoring & Meditation Leadership & ever lasting passionate student of the mysteries of life…

All together merged in SOUL AIM - Arts in Movement - that combines creative self-expression with deep mystical wisdom.

Karen Rémy offers her fellow Creative & Mystic Souls a space to get in touch with other levels of consciousness, to draw knowledge about their own Souls uniqueness & to express it in a creative presence.